Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bipolar disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bipolar disorder - Essay Example Many famous names are also there in the list of people who are victims of this disease. Such names include Robin Williams, Jim Carry, Winston Churchill and many others. As there are different symptoms that are found in different patients of bipolar disorder thus the doctors have divided it in four categories so that the patients can be treated according to their individual requirements. These four levels are, bipolar I, bipolar II, Cyclothymiacs Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder. These classifications are made on the basis of Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale (BSDS). This disease although usually occurs in the earlier twenties, is not uncommon amongst teenagers or even children, therefore we can say that people belonging to any age group are prone to it (Ghaemi 2005). Further, as this problem is related to the brain other aspects of behavior, feelings and attitude are also affected. Often other people around fail to understand this change in personality and blame the patient for this change. They do not see it as an illness, but a choice made by the victim. Some people who experience this problem turn to temporary solutions such as doping or drinking. However, this temporary solution aggravates the problem in the long run. Doctors and scientists suggest multiple causes of this illness. They suggest that usually a conglomeration of these reasons result in this disease. The reasons include genetic inheritance of the disease, biochemical disorder and also social and environmental factors. As far as the genetic factor is concerned, if a close relative of a certain person has this disease the chances are elevated that it will be passed down to that person even, however it is not a sure shot thing. It has even been discovered through research related to identical twins that both might not inherit this disease. This clearly illustrates that genes does not alone determine this problem. Researchers are still working on

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