Sunday, February 16, 2020

Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Communication - Essay Example the film’s running time of 87 is generous, considering the genre. This was a massive box office hit film generating more than $5 million on the first week of release. City Lights was the first Charles Chaplin’s first production after the technology in talking movies was first introduced. Nonetheless, the film did not the technology in its development, wisely so, since the sound equipment used would have trapped the film in sound sets and stages. Since the movie was built on the comedy genre, the actors staying up close to the equipment and this would not have produced the bouts of laughter an expectation, the audience relished. After watching the film, one must contend that the few sound used underscore the silent comedy without any overbearing the audience. In the opening scene, where the mayor unveils a civic statue only to find Charlie Chaplin on its arms enjoying slumber, the speech is shown by sounds sounding like shrills and screeches. Additionally, when Charlie Chaplin swallows the whistle and accidentally causes a concert to stop, followed by a scene in which he makes a call for cab to a stop and then another in which he surrounds himself with dogs. The first and the sequence of scenes as mentioned above, provide, perhaps the only moments when sounds is used. According to Gehring (12), the character, Little Tramp dwelt in the language understood all over the world then, pantomime. A part from these, music is only used in the film, when the synchronized score is used to aid with the movement of the comedy. The music a composition, partly by the director-Charlie Chaplin helped in alleviating the need for talkies The main character in the story, Tramp falls overhead with a blind flower-girl and pulled along by a drunken millionaire, and ends up doing a shift as a municipal manure sweeper and in the ends up winning the

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